Sunday, July 5, 2015

Meditation for the Agilist

Iam proud to be from a spiritual nation, which contributed yoga to the rest of the world. Unfortunately we  are not practising yoga. In fact I went for yoga classes a couple of decades back, and then on, it was more of a on and off business. I wish I could do it every day. The benefits are phenomenal,  yet it remains as an important and not urgent activity. I have not given up on that yet.
In the meanwhile I got interested in Osho's dynamic meditation which comprises of five stages and in its original form and takes around an hour to complete. I did not have the time or patience for that, so started doing it in twenty to thirty  minutes. At the end, Iam relaxed and positive. The search for information about Oshos dynamic meditation lead me to the videos of zen meditation, which can be practiced from anywhere. Ever since I came across zen meditation, waiting in a que is no more a problem for me. Whenever and wherever I get free time, I do zen. I wish if everyone could meditate at the end of the day and get rid of all that garbage accumulated during the day, and have a peaceful seven hour sleep before going for next day's work, the quality of work and life will be better. After all what is the essence of Agile. It is about throwing away everything which are not value adding, and then concentrating on those stuff that really matters.

Thanks to that unknown Indian software engineer who was sleeping at the breakfast table on a Monday morning, who triggered this blogpost. I must thank our prime minister also for his efforts to promote yoga.

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