Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Applied project management #14 Developing the project management plan

Through the project charter, the project manager for the project is identified. Now, the designated project manager leads the project into the planning phase, which comprises of developing the integrated project plan. Project teams comprises of multiple sub teams like;

Engineering team
Planning team
Procurement teams
Quality assurance team
Risk management team
Human resource management team
Communication team
Documentation team etc

Unless and until these sub-teams complete their individual plans, the project manager cannot complete the integrated project plan.

The project management plan is the document that describes how the project will be executed, monitored, and controlled. It integrates and consolidates all of the subsidiary plans and baselines from the planning processes.

The project baselines
Scope baseline
Schedule baseline
Cost baseline

The subsidiary plans include;
Scope management plan
Requirements management plan
Schedule management plan
Cost management plan
Quality management plan
Process improvement plan
Human resource management plan
Communications management plan
Risk management plan
Procurement management plan
Stakeholder management plan

The project management plan may include;
Life cycle selected for the project
Details of the tailoring decisions
Description of how work will be exceuted to accomplish the project objectives
Change management plan
Configuration management plan
Key management reviews for content
Requirements and techniques for communication among stakeholders

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