Thursday, October 20, 2016

The habit of proactiveness

A very peaceful morning at the customers place. I reached the venue a couple of hours in advance. Had a very peceful breakfast and now into blogging at the most creative time of the day, that is 8.52 am. I have a solid one more hour to go before the start of the 'Agile project management using scrum workshop' at this beautiful workspace of this very large multinational company. I am enjoying every bit of it, despite missing my home, plants in the farm and my dog Theo, and the freshers (un-corrupted minds) of the prestigious business school where I am a visiting faculty.

What are the choices I have?

1) Do things as early as possible and relax and enjoy
2) Do things as late as possible and still complete on time.
3) Do things as late as possible , and end up late

Out of these, the third option is a sure prescription for failure and results in loss of reputation and self esteem. The second option,  which is start things as late as possible and still complete them on time is the best, from a cash flow perspective, and at the same time the risks involved are very high in this unpredictive world. The safest would be to finish things as fast as possible, and be happy about it.

Still, when it comes to personal stuff, very often I am with option 3, and for professional stuff I am almost at option 1. Those are the paradoxes within me. Be proactive is the manthra for success. I am in my constant pursuit to achieve proactiveness in whatever I do . The rewards are very high. Wish you a very good day.

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