Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Applied project management #15. Enterprise environmental factors and organisational process assets

Enterprise environmental factors and Organisational process assets

Enterprise environmental factors

Before embarking on a project, the project manager and the team must have an in depth understanding of the enterprise environmental factors, failing which the project risk can be very high, leading to even cancellation of the project and huge losses to the key stakeholders. The following is a sample list of enterprise environmental factors that may have a major impact;

Availability of resources (man, machine, material) to execute the project
Pollution norms laid out by the government and the environment protection groups
Waste disposal norms
Legal system
Political climate
Climatic conditions
Labour laws of the country
Culture of the land
Festivals of the land
National holidays of the countries which has an impact on the key stakeholders of the project
Local business ethics

Watch this video about enterprise environmental factors;

Organisational process assets

Any reusable component from any of the key stakeholders, that must / can be used for the project falls under the organisational process assets. This include, but not limited to;

Proprietary intellectual property of the customer, supplier
Historical data
Project management information system

Both enterprise environmental factors and organisational process assets have major impact on the planning and execution of projects.

Watch this video about Organizational process assets

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