Friday, August 30, 2013

Develop project management plan

This is the first process under planning process group, and is part of project integration management knowledge area. A project can have multiple sub teams operating on it, and each of them will have their own plans for completing their work. For example, a software project can have the development team, test team, configuration management team and the configuration management team. These may get replicated in multiple locations as well. Each of them will have their own plans, and the project manager integrates all these individual plans into an integrated project plan. So, in order to develop the integrated project plan, the project manager should work closely with other stakeholders like risk management teams, quality teams, procurement teams, sub contractors, human resource management teams etc, and their subsidiary plans will act as an input for developing the integrated project plan. For all these things to happen on time, lot of planning is required, even to develop the integrated project plan. This is covered under the 'develop project management plan' process. 

Inputs to the develop project management plan process

Project charter  (output of develop project charter process of initiation process group)
Out puts from other processes 
Enterprise environmental factors 
Organisational process assets 

Tools and techniques 

Expert judgment 
Facilitation techniques 


Project management plan 

Watch this video 

PMBOK reference pages 72 to 78 


'Outputs from other processes' is an input to the 'develop project management plan' process. Please explain. 

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