Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Manager&Photographer Management insights from mobile phone photography inside the hotel room

I clicked this photograph using my Samsung mobile...again proving that technique is as important as the tool. In order to apply techniques properly one need to understand the subject. Without the sound knowledge of project management good practices, no tool is going to help you. In the photography circles they  call it as making a photograph than taking a photograph.
Without the knowledge of critical path, fast tracking, crashing, earned  value management, no project management tool is going to give you better results.  It is more like some one using a camera without knowing aperture, shutter speed and iso.

Similar results using two different tools / gadgets. The first one using galaxy tab and the second one using galaxy grand at similar settings. 

At first i thought the photos are similar but a closer look reveals that one is sharper than the other. At this stage the capability of the tools used starts counting. Eighty percentage of the project management functions are available across all project management tools once that gets saturated then the capability of the tools matters and 90 percentage of the projects do not stretch the tools to that extent.

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