Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The value of well known certifications

Recently I had to interview a person over skype for a senior project manager's position in a country outside India. The fact that he is PMP certified was a matter of big comfort to me. We could easily strike a common vocabulary. My focus shifted from testing his knowledge about the project management good ptactices to his experience in using them,  and about his outlook theory x vs theory y. This is very true with a pmi acp, or scrum certified professional as well. I consider it as a hygiene factor when it comes to opportunities. Having just a certification will not get you a great opportunity, but definitely not having them can cost you great opportunities by way of missing the screening criteria or failing to strike rapport with the interviewer. Well known certifications have value, and they have even greater value if the certificate holder is passionate about demonstrating the knowledge gained at the work place.

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