Saturday, June 20, 2015

I play frisbee even when I do not want to. and I am happy ..Why?

I am neither a great fan nor player of frisbee, yet I play frisbee these days with Theo my Dog. The word 'dog' is a kind of understatement, because I like him very much, and we learn from each other. He learned to play frisbee from me, and now it is time for him to teach me the power of commitment. The first thing he wants in the morning is playing frisbee. If I do not play with him, he does not allow me to even move. It does not matter whether it is a rainy or sunny day. That is how he wants to start his day. He runs around me with the frisbee as if he wants to tempt me into it, sometimes he sits on my feet with the frisbee without letting me to walk, and at times he scares me as if he is going to bite me, if I do not play with him and I give up again and again and have lot of fun. Yes, I am his master and boss, and he motivates me. Motivation is not a one way traffic. We can motivate ourselves, and others (includes everyone around us, without any discrimination of age, position, nature, species, strengths, weaknesses).

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